Underbridge Units

Underbridge Units

Special inspection units for each bridge inspection

They are frequently inspected according to DIN 1076: viaducts, rail bridges and sidewalks have to be safe to guarantee a smooth traffic flow.

WEMO-tec is able to meet all requirements regarding underbridge works-application for your bridge inspections due to its own fleed - the largest within Europe. Our machines are in use for inspections as well as for restoring works in almost every European country. WEMO-tec's business experience is conducted at all subsidiaries, as in Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Italy and are very able to guarantee a prompt and top service at any building site within Europe you may need us for.

With more than 20 years of experience in renting out access technique we have provided all our equipment with highest safety standards, i. e. a broad range of devices are equipped with monitoring cameras, light barriers and ultra wave.
Furthermore we are able to offer our customers a broad variety of safety gear.

Of course we are able to serve you within a do-it-yourself-operating system for which your staff will be thoroughly trained in beforehand. WEMO-tec's specifically developed operating system for road and rail repairs is able to ensure smooth access via rail and efficient handling of all works via our under bridge units and rail-driven basket units. Pilar- and archway equipment for inspections and restoration works complement our range of service.

We are close business partners of the German Railway-System (Deutsche Bahn AG) and avail of highly skilled traction unit drivers.

Furthermore we are members of a recognized rail traffic enterprise directed by a chief operating officer.


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