Tunnel inspection units

Tunnel inspection units

Regular inspection of tunnels warrants safety

Road and railway tunnels must be able to withstand particularly high loads. This can only be warranted by keeping the tunnels in a flawless condition. For this reason, the tunnels are checked in regular intervals according to DIN 1076. To carry out these inspections, and further refurbishment work, be it on the road or the rails, WEMO-tec has developed special machines. These efficient and mobile machines inspect the most diverse tunnels.

On the road and on the rails: Efficient inspection of tunnels. The inspection of tunnels is a very important prerequisite for safe traffic flow - on the road and on the rails.

The inspection of tunnels is a very important prerequisite for safe traffic flow - on the road and on the rails. WEMO tunnel inspection units with a specially developed removable carrier bodies are used for both areas alike. Benefit from the advantages of the mobile tunnel inspection units for flexible and efficient work:

  • Using the hydraulically lowerable rail drive, the tunnel inspections can also be carried out by rail.
  • You can use the special machine with absolute mobility, without additional supports - and with this “rolling inspection” you save extra valuable time.
  • The work basket is also the “control room”. Here, you can control all functions: And also the movement of the special machine on rails and road.
  • With three independently controllable work platforms, several inspection sites can be controlled at the same time.
  • And if you use the walk-on roof platform at the same time, you can save further work time.
  • The common room in the vehicle makes longer stays in the tunnel possible - it offers seating, sanitary facilities and a 220 V power connection.


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