Guidelines - A complete range

A complete range - each demand requires the suitable unit

WEMO-tec is able to meet all demands as per its large and many-sided pan-european machine park for access technique for bridges, tunnels and rail. From the smallest underbridge inspection unit, 2.00 m space required on bridge and a dry weight of 2 t, to the units with an horizontal outreach of 23.00 m below the construction. This diversity allows us to reach all construction sites independent of their form and structure. The wide range of underbridge inspection units enables to face special demands i.e. huge noise barriers (up to 5.50 m) or wide pavements (up to 4.50 m). Supplementary equipment such as maintenance units for piers and arches facilitates working. Basket units reach places difficult to access; road-rail access technique allows to reach construction on rail for safe working. Tunnel inspection units for road and rail enable a “rolling” control of tunnel sites. Different basket units facilitate reaching all positions and safes time.

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Efficiency - reliable units for solving your task

WEMO-tec offers the most modern units for bridge access technique. 20 years of experience in renting out access technique influenced the planning stage.

Our modern underbridge inspection units do not need any additional struts, therefore a continuous and time-saving “rolling” control is guaranteed. Your advantage: lower costs as per a reduced working time. WEMO-tec’s underbridge inspection units exemplify efficient working. They are quickly assembled by a mobile crane and require 2.00 m space, so that lane blockage during reconstruction work is not needed and traffic flow is not influenced. An enormous stability and a high resilience is a valuable contribution to our partners.


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Safety - by experience and thoroughly training

With more than 20 years of experience in renting out access technique we have provided all our equipment with highest safety standards, i. e. a broad range of devices are equipped with monitoring cameras, light barriers and ultra wave.

To guarantee a safe and secure handling your staff will be thoroughly trained in beforehand. Safety is our concern and therefore we offer our customers a broad variety of safety gear (PSA) free of charge for application which could also be acquired.


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Service – fast, competent, round the clock

You will be advised according to your demands. Our planning guarantees delivery on schedule on time of the suitable access technique as well as a smooth execution of orders.

Our units are operated and maintained by our professional and instructed staff. As a reliable partner we do our utmost to deliver in a faultless technical condition.

Technical breakdowns during application should not impact the works. You can rely on a quick and professional service. Our pan-european collaboration with specialized partners guarantees a rapid action – off-time as well as on week-ends – and a quick recovery of units for execution of your orders.


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